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Thai Traditional Massage 60 mins - $79

Thai traditional massage is an ancient art of a natural holistic approach to health and well being. Thai massage is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies pathway of the body and originates from the time of the Buddha, commonly known as “Nuad Thai” It is performed with a fully comfortably cloth without the use of oil. Thai massage applies force to pressure points, muscles and ligaments along the body’s energy line including passive yoga stretching, therefore improving flexibility of joints, muscular systems and posture.

Thai Combination 60 mins - $79

This massage combines Thai technique and western style by applying oil on some parts of the body. This treatment allows you to experience the traditional Thai massage of gentle and passive stretching and flowing long strokes. It is perfect to reduce muscle pain, relieve stress, promote blood circulation, and improve flexibility.

Lanna Harmony Signature 90 mins - $125

This treatment will combine a special unique blend from Thai ancient to the modern art of technique. It is suitable for those who need an experience to reduce muscle tensions, restore function of muscular system in order to refresh, renew and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Thai Herbal Compress 90 mins - $125

Thai Herbal compress has been used for a long time in the history of Traditional Thai massage to relieve muscular aches, joint pain and muscle discomfort. Thai herbal contains a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs. The heat from the herbal compress will penetrate to the skin to help blood flow, reduce inflammation and nourish and soften skin.

Hot Stone Massage 90 mins - $125

Hot stone massage creates a deep structural, powerful form of massage, improving circulation. Allow the heat of the basalt stones to penetrate to a deeper layer of muscle, therefore creating sensations of comfort and warmth, relaxing and releasing tensions. It reduces muscle spasm, insomnia, inflammation and maintains body balance.

Swedish Massage 60 mins - $89

Swedish massage is the manipulation of the body using classical movement to the superficial layers of the muscles against the bone; it relaxes the body, increases circulation, removes metabolic waste products and improves lymphatic function

Deep Tissue Massage 60 mins - $89

This type of massage helps release tight muscle contraction, strains, sprains and nerve conditions. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience constant pain or are involved in sports and clients who have sustained physical injury. Deep tissue massage focuses on trigger points that may be causing local pain and other sensations.

Prenatal Massage 60mins - $89

During pregnancy, women often face mind and body stress. Take time out to dedicate to yourself and rejuvenate your spirit. This massage is designed exclusively for the expectant mother. This treatment helps relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as aching muscles and fluid retention during pregnancy.

Office Syndrome 60mins - $79

Spending many hours in front of a computer or unnatural sitting positions at work without sufficient movement causes pain. Your muscle and tendons could be tight causing constant muscle contraction, therefore limited ability of movement. In order to increase your mobility, reduce stiffness and soreness, take a break that you deserve and appreciate your hard work. This is an invigorating massage concentrating on the most popular areas such as head, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.

Leg Fatigue 60mins - $79

Discomfort in your legs after long periods of time standing or walking during the day or over doing a work out can cause muscle fatigue. This is an invigorating massage concentrating on your legs such as hamstrings, calves, quads, sciatic and gluts to improve the function of your muscular system and helping mobility, flexibility and maintain well being.

Thai Foot Massage 60mins - $79

Thai Foot massage applies pressure to the feet up to the knee by using thumbs and hands to massage on the area that reflect to the body to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance.